Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sanjeev Vellore Ramani

I had taken up your Professional Writing class in Summer ’09. I am from the MSIT department. I decided to take up Professional Writing even though it was not a “core course” requirement for my graduation (I am supervised by “The School of Computer Science” and “Software Engineering Institute”). A couple of seniors suggested that it would be a great value addition and I can confidently say that it was my letter to the director of recruiting that brought my resume to his notice. The company receives ten thousand resumes per day on an average. I had personally given five hard copies of my resume to different representatives but nothing clicked. Finally, I decided to mail the director of recruiting and I tried including all the “good points” of writing that you had discussed in class – (Writing in first person, crisp sentences ( I could not always follow this though !), using bullets, using a verb as the subject etc). I Thank You for making a “positive impact” on my writing abilities.

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