Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tanaji Naik, Enterprise Analysis – Performance, QE, MicroStrategy, Inc.,

“Edit, edit, edit !!! Don’t stop. Edit again !!!”

This was exactly the very first learning I had at Carnegie Mellon. My first course - Professional Writing taught by Prof. Barr.

Back then it just made me wonder. Now I am 100 % confident it makes a lot of sense. My job is to focus on the performance of OLAP features of MicroStrategy's Business Intelligence platform. Sifting through tons of performance data and making sense is one part. But the tougher one is to communicate it to decision makers and making them understand. I can confidently say the two things I learnt at CMU that make my job easier is Data Mining and Professional Writing. Thanks Professor Barr !!! Without you I would have seen stars !!

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