Thursday, October 1, 2009

Brian K. Isbell

It is my greatest pleasure to provide a testimonial for Professor Ed Barr. Ed taught two of my favorite courses: Nonprofit Marketing and Strategic Writing Skills. Ed’s passion for teaching was evident in every class he taught. He not only inspired me but he equipped me and my classmates with the tools needed to be effective communicators and marketers.

I have greatly enjoyed learning from Ed throughout my time at Carnegie Mellon. His amazing insight into effective communication/marketing has more often than not made complex issues simple and clear.

I am extremely grateful for Ed’s guidance during our Nonprofit Marketing class. Under Ed’s direction, our team successfully developed a marketing plan for a local nonprofit organization. The marketing plan was later approved by the organization’s board and members of our team were invited to join the organization’s Strategic Communications Committee. I know this may not have been possible were it not for Ed’s insight and direction. Ed, I may never be able to repay you for all you have done/taught me but please consider this testimonial a down payment toward that end.

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