Thursday, October 1, 2009

Chaitra Kamath

"Have you ever heard that formal writing should be simple and short? It should be as if you talking to your own siblings? I am sure you must be surprised. So was I when this was the first lesson I learnt in Professor Barr's class.

I belong to engineering background and back in my home country, India, we are required to use jargons and make any simple article look too difficult and lengthy. And that is how I was used to writing, even though I did not like it. But, after joining Professor Barr's Professional Writing course at the Carnegie Mellon University,I realized the importance of having a precise, concise, simple and short writing and I really appreciate this.

The course has added value in a sense that now, I tend to write simple answers in all assignments of other courses too. And this has even increased my grades in some cases. :)

In the future, I am sure that this coursework will help me a lot in the fields of written communication.

I would really like to thank Professor Barr for his effective teaching.
His teachings were measurable, which is his unique feature. I have never found a class on speaking or writing wherein, they could give us measurable explanations and expectations.

I am sorry, I need to keep it short right? But, I believe this summarizes all of the many things I wanted to say.

Thanks Professor Barr for letting me thank you using this platform. "

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