Thursday, October 1, 2009

Victor Alvarez, Director of Development, Propel IT

I took Professional Writing with Ed Barr and I definitely enjoyed my time there and learnt a lot –of course. Now, if I had to define Ed’s class using three adjectives those would be: CLEAR, ENGAGING and USEFUL.

As a professor Ed undoubtedly knows what he’s talking about, but more importantly, he knows how to pass that information on to his students in a clear yet powerful way. He also makes extensive use of activities and discussions which make sessions fun and engaging. Furthermore, I found everything he teaches to be valuable and helpful in real life; he doesn’t waste your time with needless stuff.

All in all, taking Ed’s class was such a great experience that I consider him to be one of the best professors I’ve had and I would undoubtedly take another one if I had the chance.

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